Saturday, April 21, 2012

And Then There Were the Bobcats..

     This season took a turn for the worst for the Charlotte Bobcats. Sure, legendary owner Michael Jordan knew this team was in rebuilding mode, but I don't think that even he thought his team would be so incapable of winning some games. When the best player on your team is Corey Maggette, well, we know you're probably not going to win many games in the first place. If the Bobcats lose their last four games of the season, they will end the year on a 23 game losing streak. Possibly a tribute to their owner? I don't think he'd take it very well. The team will also have the worst winning percentage in the history of the NBA, even though it was a lockout shortened season. Although this season was an indisputable failure for the franchise, I believe that with a couple of moves this offseason that they can at least not be as historically bad as they were this year.

1. Hire a new head coach.

Sometimes basketball this bad just makes you want to cry,
especially if you're Bobcats head coach Paul Silas.
      Let me just say this first, it is not all Paul Silas' fault. Yes, you have to blame the head coach on any sports team if his or her players do not perform well, but Silas does not deserve the full blame. He came into this season with a very short training camp and a bunch of young or underachieving players. Everybody knew that he was in a bad situation this year, but still, he has not disciplined his team hard enough or motivated them to play the game hard enough. His team is historically bad, and I am honestly suprised Silas wasn't fired earlier in the season. I respect Silas for being a tough, gritty coach, but I think his best option is to enjoy retirement. Coaching a team, especially one this terrible, is a lot of stress for a man getting up there in age. He shall pass on the reigns of the coaching job to his son, if Bobcat's management decides that is what they feel is best for the team. If the Bobcats decide to part ways from the Silas family, I think a fairly nice option would be Nate McMillan. The former Trail Blazers coach has proven his capability with his former team. Injuries to this year's Portland team affected their record and have knocked their hopes at a playoff berth, as well as McMillan's occupancy, away. McMillan will not do great short-term but once their players develop properly he can be a sufficient coach. Also notable considerations include Stan Van Gundy, Mike D'Antoni, and Paul Westphal.

2. Re-sign players that you can use in sign-and-trade scenarios.

With the emergence of Kemba Walker,
DJ Augustin becomes expendable.
     The biggest problem with the Bobcats is that they don't have any respectable, talented veterans on their team right now. They have young players like Kemba Walker, Bismack Biyombo, and Gerald Henderson that they might like to build around, but as for now, they need to bring in more veteran presence. They can look into re-signing and trading some of their players, including DJ Augustin, DJ White, and Derrick Brown. Deals they can seek to make should be in order to obtain a big man who can play alongside Biyombo, and mentor him to become what the Bobcats hope to be the next Dwight Howard. I think the Bobcats should target Utah big man Al Jefferson. In a potential deal, they can give up Corey Maggette, Derrick Brown, and a first round pick in the 2013 NBA Draft for the established veteran Jefferson. Another deal that would be interesting to ponder would be between the Bobcats, Magic, and Rockets. The Bobcats would acquire Luis Scola from Houston and Earl Clark from Orlando. The Magic would receive Kevin Martin from Houston, as well as DJ White and DJ Augustin from Charlotte, and the Rockets would get Glen Davis and Jason Richardson from the Magic, as well as Tyrus Thomas, Byron Mullens, and a second round pick from the Bobcats. There are other deal possibilites that might be available as well, but I believe the Bobcats should attempt to re-sign a couple players and try to put them in trade packages to get some established veterans.

3. Don't mess up in this year's draft.

     For the Bobcats franchise and its fans, they don't expect it to be as bad as it was this season for a while after this offseason. Unless the team makes smart trades, they probably won't be able to lure in any All Star caliber players, so they must draft well. Just because they will finish with the league's worst record, it does not mean they will get the #1 overall pick, but if they do, they have to select Anthony Davis. Pairing him with Biyombo will be a nightmare for teams and will make them resent attacking the rim. Davis and Biyombo would be a dynamic block duo, and would make the team a defensive force in the NBA. If they don't get the #1 overall pick, I think the Bobcats should select either Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Bradley Beal. Drafting either of these players give them savvy young stars who can come in and make solid impacts. Beal can become a proficient scorer, while Kidd-Gilchrist's defense will make him coveted while his offensive game develops. If they select either Beal or Kidd-Gilchrist, suddenly Maggette and Henderson become tradeable assets.

     This season was something most Bobcats fans dismiss and shrug their shoulders about. They were the laughing stock of the NBA, with many basketball fans mocking the team in various ways. The franchise and its fans are probably wishing for the NBA Draft Lottery selection show to come on television already. The Bobcats are young, but they have pieces. With a couple smart trades and solid picks in the NBA Draft, this team can get a lot better in a short amount of time.

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