Monday, July 2, 2012

My 2012 NBA Draft Experience

I know I look awkward in this picture, but it's Craig Sager.
How many people can say they've taken a picture with him? 
     On Thursday, I had attended the NBA Draft with my father, friend, and his father. I stayed for the entire draft, because I wanted to see my beloved Brooklyn Nets make their selection. So at 7:30 pm ET, David Stern walked up to the podium, hearing nothing but "BOOOOOOOO!" from the fans. My friend and I laughed, but sat back and watched the action commence. Kentucky's Anthony Davis went first overall as I presumed, but then it got it got interesting. The Bobcats selected Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, which came as a bit of a suprise. The Wizards selected Bradley Beal, which I expected. Then an ironic moment happened. Stern walked up to the podium to announce the Cavaliers selection. As he started talking, I screamed Dion Waiters, the name of a Syracuse guard. Waiters was not projected that high, and I honestly exclaimed his name half-jokingly, but then Stern actually said "Dion Waiters." My friend looked at me shocked, asking how I knew that would happen. A Celtics fan in front of me couldn't believe it, and told me I should become a GM one day. I told him "Maybe one day." After that, I guessed a number of other picks correctly, and the night moved slowly but surely.

     During the second round, I moved down to the bottom seats because most fans left the building. I watched Adam Silver read through picks, numerous players and ESPN workers pass me, Chris Broussard consume about three pizza slices, and then the Nets were finally on the clock. It was the moment I was waiting for. I couldn't wait to hear who they'd select. I was hoping they'd take a power forward or center, but they ended up drafting Ilkan Karaman, yeah who? As I heard Adam Silver say the words, my mouth dropped. There were a couple other Nets fans around me, about my age, who were screaming in disbelief. I was convinced the Nets would try to take somebody who can have an immediate impact, considering they have only five players signed under contract. I studied over some international players, but I never heard of this guy. It got me enraged, but I was calmed shortly after, when I found out the Nets acquired Tyshawn Taylor from Portland. Then, I got to shake hands with new Nuggets forward Quincy Miller, as well as new Dallas big man Bernard James, who served for the United States in the Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places. They were both great experiences, but none was better than when I got to take a picture with the legend of men's suits, Craig Sager.

     I exited the Prudential Center after I confused Luke Zeller with his brother, Tyler, which was an awkward moment because most of his family and his attractive "lady friend" were standing right there. I got home still full of energy. It was a long night, but I wasn't very tired. My dad plopped into his bed as soon as we got home, but I turned on a television to watch a late-night edition of Sportscenter. I knew I didn't get on television, but I was curious to see some draft highlights. I sat down on a couch, put my feet on an ottoman, and my head on a pillow. There were plenty of suprises, and although some were not in the best interests, I had still fallen asleep happy. That's my 2012 NBA Draft experience.

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