Friday, August 17, 2012

My Last Post

     Hello, everyone! Thank you for clicking on, as this will be the last story you might ever read on The Ski Report. I have decided to take my talents to, where I've become the Brooklyn Nets journalist. I've always enjoyed writing about the NBA, but I believe this opportunity will be great for me in the future because I can show a deep, true passion as I'll write for my lifelong favorite team.

     My blog, before this post, has garnered nearly 1,800 views. But has totaled that same amount in only a week. I think by joining them, I will get more publicity and a possibly better reputation as a writer. To me, this is a very big step in my future, because someone has realized my passion and has given me a chance to truly show it. I hope that all of my readers will follow me on my journey to Scorching Hot Hoops and beyond, because you all are what keeps me having a positive attitude and mentality in what is a critical, hard-nosed business.

     I appreciate all of the comments and support from every single one of you who has read my blog. I can't really explain how much I mean it when I type "Thank You." I love writing and debating about sports, and I hope one day I can reach the ultimate goal I have set myself. Again, thank you everyone for all the support and advice you've given me in the first step, but now it is time for me to take the next step onto a more promoted, viewed NBA-talk website. This may be the end of The Ski Report, but it is also a new beginning. Stay tuned for my articles and the latest NBA-related news on Scorching Hot Hoops!

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